Who is Jade?

Centre for Applied Human Communication

Excellent communication skills are a valued benchmark for success in many cultures. Therefore, to enjoy a successful career or increased influence, it is paramount that an individual’s communication skills are beyond reproach.

Jade Communications is an applied human communication resource centre that works with individuals and organisations to help them understand communication theory, principles and techniques and how to apply them correctly in their environments to achieve their goals and objectives.

 Applied Human Communication is the practical use or utilisation of communication theories, principles and techniques to address real-world issues, challenges and opportunities within contexts that involve human interactions.

These include interpersonal communication, public speaking, presentation, small group communication, persuasion, organisational, intercultural communication with an emphasis on Africa,  and digital communication, among others.

Our approach focuses on training, executive coaching and consultancy. And since 2004, we have helped individuals and organisations in the public, private and non-governmental sectors to use communication effectively in their diverse contexts, addressing their pain points and enabling them to meet their objectives and goals.

Program Customization

All of our programs are tailored to address your team’s needs. Before executing a program, we spend time to understand the roles and demands of the program participants, and makes sure to emphasize areas that benefit them the most.

If you think your team has a challenge not addressed in our core programs, we will develop custom exercises that factor the unique challenges of your team.

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Access unlimited online learning resources designed and written by our experts.

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