Accent Reduction Program

The “Accent Reduction Program” is designed to help those with heavy “mother tongue” or first language interference to substantially improve in order to be able to speak and sound clear in English. The training examines local languages in E. Africa and how they influence individuals taking up English as a second Language.


  • – A Phonological Analysis of the East African Tongues
  • – Pronunciation
  • -Mastery of Sentence Structure in English.
  • – Understanding the accurate production of the 19 vowel and 24 consonant sounds of English.
  • – Spelling & Sound, -intonation and detecting speech errors due to first language interference.
  • – Using speech flow and intonation to make people not only understand you–but to make them enjoy having a conversation with you.


20-HR Module

Your Investment

The investment for the 10hr Module starts at Kshs. 75,000 and will vary depending on individual needs.