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“… Managing Generation Y Teams effectively from a distance and across the Matrix”

Generation Y generally comprise individuals born between 1979 and 1990 and their entry to the workforce has dramatically changed how 21st Century teams are led. Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Email, Iphones, Ipads and Cell Phones which are the Operational Mediums of communication for generation Y have transformed the way organizations run and communicate. Currently Gen Y employees already make up between 25% and 75% of the workforce and for managers these dynamics create new challenges and dilemmas.

How can you communicate and lead this generation effectively using New Media? How can you keep this generation motivated? How do you build loyalty to the organization, when they have so many options online? How do you leverage the power of social networks to lead the teams? There is a requirement for managers to learn a new set of skills for communicating and leading Generation Y in order to build successful 21st Century teams.


  • Understanding Generation Y
  • Mapping out Organizational Teams involving Gen.Y
  • nderstanding Gen. Y Team Dynamics
  • Art of Communicating with Generation Y -Critical Success Factors
  • Making New Technology work for you
  • Communicating through Social Networks
  • Setting up New Communication Platforms for Your team
  • Understanding Social Media Language
  • Optimizing team members roles and competencies through New Media
  • Setting up organizational Wikis for tasks involving collaborations
  • New Conferencing Mediums
  • “Developing an Organizational Social Media Communication Policy


  • Team Communication Management “toolkit” for use
  • 5 Step guide to Communicating with Gen Y
  • Team leader Communication Competence Checklist
  • Social Media Communication Policy Toolkit Checklist
  • Practical and interactive course sessions

Who should Attend?
Managers who lead teams, Communication Managers, Chief Operating Officers, Anyone who is part of leading a Generation Y Team

Course Duration
Two Days

Your Investment

Kshs. 35,000 Plus VAT