Voice Coaching Program

In human Communication, “It’s just not what you say, but how you also say it,” your words contribute to only a fraction of your efforts to effectively connect with an audience. The “Voice” (Pitch, Tone, Speed, Expressiveness, Rhythm and Pauses between your words) express much more than what you communicate with words alone.
A clear and Confident voice will enhance connection with your audience and it is widely accepted that the quality and use of the voice is a fundamental factor in the success of many professionals. Whether you need your speaking voice to earn a living or to command and attract positive attention when you speak, it is possible to retrain your voice and give it more control in how you want it to sound through professional vocal training and coaching.
This practical program is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Voice Production and effective speaking. You will also learn how to strengthen and develop your voice.

How it Works
After an initial consultation with the Voice Coach and Speech Coach, you’ll have a program contextualized and designed to specifically suit your needs and schedule.


  • Determining your voice type in relation to your professional goals.
  • Overcome the “Shrill” Voice for female speakers.
  • Overcome the “Monotone” Voice for Male speakers.
  • The Sound of your Voice.
  • Producing a Voice of Sustained Quality.
  • Vocal Control
  • Vocal Projection (Vocal Sit-Ups)
  • Learn Proper Breathing for Speaking.
  • Vocal Variety, Expressiveness and Vocal Energy.
  • Elocution lessons
  • Clarity of diction
  • Throat Nourishments.
  • Healthy Voice Habits.

Practical, interactive step-by-step voice coaching.
East-to-do exercises.
Learn to get a better voice for career reasons in order to get ahead professionally.
How to Make audiences understand or like the sound of your voice.
How to command attention with a voice that conveys authority.

Who Should Enroll
This Program is for people who want to improve their voice in order to be clearer, vibrantly resonant and articulate.

What the Program will not Achieve
Make you a musician! The Voice Coaching Program is not for “musicians” since its focus is not on the singing voice but ONLY on the “Speaking Voice.”
Make your voice deep! Many people have come to interpret a deep voice as a great voice, but we make it clear to participants that there are other biological factors which influence voice. Instead the program focuses on making your existing voice better.