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“Powered by Ambition…Supported by Speech”

The ability to speak in public is one of the most significant communication skills. With it we can persuade clients, convince colleagues, voters and motivate staff. But if we can’t speak effectively just think of the opportunities we miss.  In general the training will function as a tool, which will equip an individual to: Create a good impression to reduce nervousness and speak with a new sense of confidence and to turn speech to conversation.

EPSP makes it possible through very interesting, interactive and practical sessions to bring out the excellent presenter inside you. It will empower you on how to prepare, rehearse and adjust your speech to various audiences and project a truly competent and professional image.


  • Communicate, Connect and Create Principles
  • Principles of Public Speaking
  • The Speech Communication Process
  • Understanding  the Different Communication Styles
  • Speech Preparation (Getting Started)
  • How to select a Topic and Purpose
  • How to Conduct Audience Analysis
  • Organizing and Outlining a Speech
  • Presenting the Speech (Mastering the 3 V’s; Verbal, Visual, Vocal)
  • Voice Coaching
  • Speech Writing
  • Designing Visual Aids
  • Varieties of Public Speaking
  • Practical techniques to Deal with Nervousness
  • Handling Question and Answer Sessions
  • Speech Writing Skills


  • Avoid the six critical mistakes, which trap most speech presenters
  • A-step- by step guide to creating and delivering a speech
  • Toolkit, techniques and checklist for use in speech writing
  • Use humor effectively, what type, when and why
  • How to think on your feet and handle tough moments

Watch videos of World class Public Speakers.

Who should Participate?

Managers involved in making speech presentations.
Team Leaders, Politicians, Any Person involved in Public Speaking Presentations

Course Duration
Three Days

Your Investment

KShs. 45,000 + VAT