Executive Speech Preparation Assistant

  • Do you spend more time on routine Administrative Tasks and don’t have enough time to prepare you’re upcoming important speech.
  • Are you finding less time to devote to your personal interests because of your numerous speaking engagements?
  • Are you up against a deadline and need help with research on preparing your speech.
  • Do you have an interesting concept but just can’t create an effective speech on it?
  • Do you want to improve your speech making skills for greater effectiveness?

Let the Jade Executive Speech preparation Assistant help you. Our Executive Speech Preparation Assistant is an intelligent graduate operating from our office premises. Instructions given to her/him will be acted upon and a speech relevant and customized to suit your presentation developed and delivered ready for your presentation.

How The Speech Executive Assistant Works
The Speech assistant will do the following:

  • Research on specifics of presentation with guidance from the Client
  • Prepare a Speech and Presentation aids.
  • Liaise with the Client to review, rehearse and prepare for the presentation.
  • The Executive Speech Preparation assistant will communicate on a daily basis, to fine-tune the presentation.
  • The Executive Speech Preparation Assistant will undertake comprehensive research on topic to be presented, carry out audience analysis and develop the most appropriate presentation model

Jade Communications Engagement Models
Depending on the kind of Speech Preparation Assignment, Jade Communications offers three engagement models.

Fixed Bid Model
When a speech making project is well -defined and the scope of the speech understood clearly, plus there is a definite date for presenting the finished speech, then this is the model to undertake. Generally researching, designing and packaging speeches are executed under this model. Typically the client and Jade Communications Ltd agree on certain hours for the project. 50% of project cost has to be paid in advance before commencement of the project. A Jade Communications Consultant will work to complete the speech within the estimated hours. However, in some cases, after project commencement, we may face some unforeseen problems such as limited information or actual work going beyond the originally agreed scope etc. When we expect to exceed the time estimate, we will inform you in advance. Our basic estimate for the Executive Speech Preparation assistant and Client starts at 10hrs per week, and their engagement will mainly be through email, telephone and face to face meetings.

The cost levied for this model starts at 10hrs per week charged at KShs. 20,000 + VAT/Withholding Tax (where applicable) will be levied at the prevailing rate.

Retainer/Resource Model
If you have to make speeches on a regular basis, then you can buy resource time by paying 1 month advance. You can choose 10 hours/week, 20 hours/week or 40 hours/week on a monthly basis. Jade Communications will keep an Executive Speech Preparation Assistant available for you during those hours per week. If the hours are not used within that week, they lapse. The assistant will work according to the client’s guidelines and Jade Communications will make every effort to maintain quality. We will employ a buddy system, so that two assistants are capable of handling your tasks, in case one assistant is not available due to holiday or sickness. However if you have time-sensitive tasks and need an assistant who will work very efficiently without a holiday, it may be advisable to hire two assistants.

QuickSpeech Model (Hourly Basis)
If you are absolutely pressed for time and think you cannot meet your Speech preparation deadline the Jade QuickSpeech Service is just what you are looking for!! It is as simple as 123…Email us a request with a detailed description of the speech you want us to prepare. The more the detail, the faster we understand and deliver your requirement.
We will send you an email with the cost and the time by which your task will be completed.
You pay us by check or cash and we begin work as soon as we receive your payment.
Some of the tasks that the Executive Speech Preparation Assistant can do for you in a short time span are:

  • Editing a previously prepared speech to make it relevant to the new audience you are presenting to.
  • Internet research or any other sources that you provide them access to
  • Designing customized speeches and sending them to intended audience on your behalf
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation or other speech Aids needed for your presentation.
  • Updating, normalization & standardization of your speech presentations.