“Using Stories to Create Connections”

Stories are as old as human existence. They were originally created as means for communicating with each other, as reading and writing were not available. Storytelling is hardwired into all of us, since this is how we see, interpret and explain the world.

Well, told stories have the effect of transforming presentations from merely a recital of facts or statistics into compelling narratives that have a special effect of capturing the attention of audiences. Stories are the bridge that help us to humanize narratives and great Communicators have known this and deployed a myriad of techniques to tell interesting stories and connect with their audiences.

What therefore constitutes a story? How can we design, incorporate and deliver a compelling story that truly engages our audience, whether it is your colleagues at work or clients?

This Seminar is designed for Executives, Managers, Salespeople, NGO Fundraising Professionals, Trainers and it utilizes experiential techniques and explores the art and science of storytelling in order to equip participants with the skills necessary to become a great storytellers and connect with Audiences.

Participants will explore how and when to use stories, how to package them and in turn effectively deliver whether it’s in a formal or informal speech and how to seamlessly incorporate those stories with their Visual Aids be it PowerPoint™ or other mediums.


  • Importance of Stories.
  • The Science and Art Behind Storytelling.
  • Storytelling for African Audiences.
  • What Stories can do for your Presentation.
  • Analyzing your Audience and mapping out the appropriate stories.
  • Storytelling models
  • Effective Story Structures
  • Selecting your stories and stylistic devices.
  • Developing your Story Plot
  • Combining the Story and the Presentation
  • Delivering the Story (Voice, Gestures, Props, Expressions)


  • Identify opportunities to deploy stories in presentations, trainings or Conversations.
  • Story telling Toolkit and Checklist.
  • Avoid Common Story-crafting and storytelling pitfalls
  • Each Participant will create Stories about themselves, their organizations, Careers and in turn transform these stories into short presentations and deliver the same, which will be reviewed and critiqued.

Available Formats

  • Two-Day Course
  • In-House Training
  • Conference Breakout