Using the Power of Persuasion and Influence Program

Soft-Skills are very valuable and critical to career success. These skills play a very important role in career mobility; it is therefore paramount to know how to persuade at a personal and corporate level. Interpersonal persuasion, listening, predicting response are all included in this practical and immensely beneficial program.


  • The psychology of Persuasion
  • Influence, power and you
  • Your style of influencing
  • Understanding Communication Styles
  • Communicating for influence
  • Predicting Response
  • Methods of Persuasion
  • Using persuasive Appeals
  • Listening


  • How to achieve success through the art of persuasion
  • Power mapping and influence modeling
  • Practical impromptu Persuasive Presentations
  • Proven ways to Persuade and Influence

Who should Participate?
Any Professional/leader who needs to Persuade and influence colleagues, customers, bosses, team members or suppliers.

Course Duration
Two Days

Your Investment
KSHs. 35,000 + VAT