Effective Small Group Leadership

“…Good Meetings just don’t happen; it takes skill, effort and knowledge to create them”

Most organizations conduct a lot of Small Group Meetings. These can be quite challenging especially if the group members are under pressure, experiencing organizational change or stress. The underlying thing is that good meetings just don’t happen; it takes deliberate skill, effort and knowledge to create them.

This programme is designed to enable you conduct effective small group meetings, that will leave colleagues looking forward to those weekly meetings.


  • Understanding Small Group Dynamics
  • Leadership in Small Groups
  • Communication Patterns in Small Groups
  • Communication Styles and How to Connect with each Style
  • Understanding Personality Types in Small Groups
  • Interpersonal Dynamics in Small Groups
  • Preparation and Participation in Small Group Interactions
  • How to Conduct Effective Successful Small Group Meetings
  • Developing a Decision Matrix
  • Leading Small Groups to solve problems and make decisions


  • Step by step guide to small group interactions
  • Useful Facilitation modes for small group meetings
  • Techniques for enhancing group participation
  • Handling and accommodating different personality types within a group
  • Decision Matrix Guideline
  • Handling conflict within a group

Available Formats:

  • Two Day Course
  • In-House Training
  • Conference Breakout

Your Investment:

Kshs. 35,000/= Plus VAT