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Couples Communication Retreat Weekend
Improve Your Communication Grow Your Relationship!

Imagine a Weekend in paradise with your loved one at a Private island resort off the East African Coast. An Opportunity to vacation and enjoy some fun in the sun while investing in growing and developing a healthy relationship.

This workshop is for couples that want to have a future with improved communication between them. Research reveals that most couples struggle to communicate in the areas of Finances, Sex and Intimacy and Conflict Management, in fact more deeply in love they are, the harder it becomes to express them honestly. Combine the difficulty in Communication with the daily challenges of raising a family, and paying bills in such turbulent economic times and slowly these challenges take a toll on the relationships. The result? Unhealthy Relationships or even break-ups.

Using an Experiential learning approach, each couple will gain skills and tools to help them improve their communication and understand and connect with their partner better.

The Couples Communication Retreat Facilitators will comprise of Couples Communication Experts, Experienced Couples who have been in long-term relationships and Experiential learning Experts.


  • Couples Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Understanding your Partners Communication Style and How to adapt your own Style to connect.
  • Learn how to develop Rapport, Empathy, Positive Persuasion, Cooperation and Consensus Building with your Partner.
  • Communicate through Conflict.
  • Communicate for better Sex and Intimacy.
  • Learning Positive Criticism and how to Handle Criticism from your partner.


  • Couples will use Experiential Tools to identify ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening.
  • Leveraging effective Communication to build a healthy collaborative relationship.
  • Active listening.
  • Initiating and Tuning into difficult conversations

Learning Formats and Methods
The session will utilize these two formats:
In a group with a Facilitator and several other couples and by yourselves as a couple with an instructor for a Twenty Five Minute Session.

  • Enjoy Experiential Learning and gaining new skills through explanations of concepts and skills.
  • Practical activities in the sea beach and sand to demonstrate those skills and processes.
  • One-on-One coaching and feedback on your use of those skills.
  • Application of the learning through simulated real situations during the course of the weekend.

Privacy is of utmost importance and each couple will choose privately the issues they seek to discuss and practice.