Parliamentary Confirmation Hearing Preparation

The process of nomination and confirmation through parliament is provided for in the Kenyan Constitution Article 152 (2), and as soon as the President makes his nominations of certain Key positions, they are transmitted to Parliament where the Speaker communicates the decision of the President to the full house and then directs the process to the relevant parliamentary Committee for consideration and onto the eventual hearings which are broadcasted on live television to the wider public.

This process is part of a complex process that reflects institutional relationships that are inherently political, Subjective and psychological. Communicating effectively during the parliamentary hearings by the nominees involves understanding the complexities deeply embedded in the political, social and economic system and generating messages, which focus on consensus building among stakeholders. The confirmation process is an opportunity for the nominee to inspire public confidence, validate the President’s judgment in nominating them and also sets the tone for their tenure in office and effective communication is of the essence.

Our Consultants served as Speech Coaches and Communication Advisors for some of Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet and Senior Government nominees during their confirmation process by providing guidance on Preparation, Message Design and Development, Presentation Simulations using our Communicate, Connect & Create model.